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3 Essential Automations for Financial Advisors

As solo financial advisors or small business owners – we only have so much time. There are only so many things we can achieve in any given day.

Therefore, we must find ways to be more effective & efficient.

Working with advisors on both ends of the ‘techy’ spectrum, it is important to show automation is more about efficiency (than about complexity).

As such, this post is dedicated to advisors looking to spend less time creating tasks & more time talking to prospects, helping clients or more spending time with family.

The simple truth is you’re likely to find a high degree of automation possible directly in the tools you are already using today – like your Email, Calendar and CRM.

1. Email Template Automation

Yes there are apps and software (like Snappy Kraken) that can help you sequence & schedule email messages, but that is not what this section is about.

If you are sending an email to your leads, prospects or clients that is part of your regular process; don’t hand type it every single time. And to avoid calling someone the wrong name, no copying/pasting either.

Create a Template in whichever email service you use (see image below) and name it something appropriate that reminds you of the purpose of your message (e.g. Introduction Email or Follow Up Email).

Then when you are going to send that message in the future, instead of having to copy and paste it from an old email or recreate it, you save yourself time & mental capital by simply using the template.

This way you not only use the short cuts and technology available, you are using your time & resources better.

Helpful Links:

Create an Email Template in Outlook
Create an Email Template in Gmail

2. Calendar Event + Notification Automation 

There are many ways to automate your calendar – from using online calendar apps (like Calendly, Accuity, ScheduleOnce, etc.) where you can customize or sync actions for your prospects or clients.

My goal here is to show you ways to start implementing automation to make your life easier & get you using it in your financial business.

Ways to Automate your Calendar: 

Rather than manually scheduling an event or appointment which happens every week at the same time; create a recurring task on your calendar.

You will no longer have to remember to schedule this, or hope you don’t forget to attend a webinar, it’s already on your calendar.

You can essentially ‘set it and forget it‘.


On that same token, you can create reminders with specific parameters on your calendar, into the future.

And if your calendar is synced to your phone, those reminders are also being received on another device.


Additionally for advisors using Online Scheduling apps, once the prospect or client schedules via Calendly; you can set the app to automatically send them an email with specific instructions on how to prepare for their call/meeting.

You will of course have to do the initial set-up (or have your assistant do that) to create the specifications.

But once that’s done – your automation can run indefinitely as long as it is still relevant. 🤓

3. CRM Task Automation

This again, is not intended to be the end-all exhaustive complex API world of CRM automation.

But in lieu of you hiring a tech guru (which you can), or you having to duplicate a task you repeat MANUALLY.

A Financial Advisor using a CRM to create future tasks for yourself like “Call Mary” with specific parameters (i.e. # of days after Intro email)…

Most CRMs give you the opportunity to create a ‘sequence’ which automatically makes corresponding tasks for you. So you don’t have to do that for each lead, each prospect, each client or each task. 😓

Aside from this being tedious or time consuming – you having to make sure you don’t forget the next step, conserves your mental energy.

Relatively simple CRM automations can keep you on track with your Sales Process tasks (next steps + follow-up) as well as Account Management tasks (periodic touch points with your existing clients).

In a nutshell – use the technology already built-in and available to you.

You don’t have to be a tech expert.
You’re the financial expert!

That’s why your clients seek you.

However, you are also a business owner.

Invest your time where it provides you the best return.
Use the technology: to make your life easier & maximize your efforts.

Or feel free to reach out – we may be able to support you instead!

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