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The Real Price you Pay for Scheduling Financial Leads

As an independent insurance or solo financial advisor, your resources are accounted for & usually thin.

This is a fact and not a judgement.

So trying to be the end all be all for your business is definitely NOT always the most beneficial (and often can cost you more than money).

I talk to financial advisors very often.

Some are too busy and others are not busy enough.

We help the “too busy” financial advisor.

Our client wants to be efficient and use their time wisely. While also maximizing their free time (for business, family or recharging).

Regardless of advisor you are, make sure you account for more than just your bottom line.

Read on & learn the real price you pay for scheduling your own Financial Leads.

I. Your Energy

Aside from only having 24 hours in the day, you also have only so much energy to achieve your goals.

Therefore, you cannot be flippant with how you invest your energy.

When you call to schedule financial leads be prepared to:

  • leave a lot of voice messages
  • interact with defensive people
  • discover bad contact information
  • answer plenty of questions
  • feel like you’re chasing 🏃‍♂️

The list above can leave you deflated for your existing clients or real appointments.

Which means, UNLESS you have no prospects, buyers or clients – you should not be the one following up on leads.

Use your best energy in activities which gives you the best ROI!

Following up on leads is important, but you should not be the one doing it – outsource.

II. Your Time

When you are calling to make initial appointments – the financial lead can take that time to start asking you questions (instead of scheduling).

This may be fine, when you want to qualify them.

However, if you don’t control the call – they will.

When a leads controls the conversation – they will keep asking questions and think they got enough information to not need a scheduled appointment or worse – will simply ghost you. .

We have been told by financial Advisors whom call their own leads, the call takes too much time.

“People ask all kinds of questions, and then don’t want to schedule another appointment. All I wanted to do was set up a meeting.”

~Actual Financial Advisor

If you are too accessible, financial leads do not understand your value or appreciate your time.

A doctor does not call a patient to schedule.
An attorney is not following up with someone that misses appointment.

Make sure you balance the information you are providing & managing your time accordingly.

III. Your Mental Capital

Aside from a potential financial lead asking too many questions (you’re not ready to answer); you expend time and mental capital.

What is Mental Capital?

Mental capital by definition refers ‘to a person’s cognitive and emotional resources. It includes the brain’s ability to process information (learning and thinking).

As a highly accomplished salesperson & small business owner myself – I understand this firsthand.

You have to use you what you have intelligently.

Following up on leads & trying to book appointments yourself – can and will take a toll on you (expending mental capital that could be better invested elsewhere)!

Misappropriating finite resources like this leaves you paying a hefty price in business + life.

In summary, you will definitely pay for scheduling your own leads (and not just financially).

You must know how to allocate & prioritize your time, energy & mental capital.

Hearing nos, not interested or getting no response – will show up elsewhere.

It affects your attitude or can altogether impact your efficacy with REAL appointments & prospects.

Meaning your results with people that are ready to ‘buy’ or already financial clients are not getting your best energy or attention.

So be cognizant of what calling to schedule financial appointments is costing you & the real price you’re paying.

If you need help, get it!

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