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Top 4 Reasons We like Working Estate Planning Leads

After having helped dozens + dozens of Financial Advisors work leads all over the US, we’ve learned a thing or two.

We have learned what to do.

We have learned what not to do.

And we’ve learned why some leads work for advisors & others don’t!

Having followed up on Wills, Trusts & Estate plan leads since 2018; here are the top 4 reasons we like working Estate Planning leads.

1. An Estate Plan is not a Luxury

There is more financial information out there today than ever.

Your current clients & prospects are getting more informed.

Individuals realize they don’t need to be worth millions of dollars to have a will or estate plan.

Having a home they own, a car and family they want to leave their possessions to – is enough.

“The newly legal adult about to leave for college, the single mother of two struggling to pay the rent, the middle-aged married couple, the retiree downsizing, the 80-year-old without close family ties and everyone in between all require an estate plan” SOURCE

Basically, any adult wanting to make sure there is a plan in place to execute & smoothen whatever burdens for their loved ones – can benefit.

More reason older and younger generations are seeing the importance of an estate plan.


Image by Harry Strauss

2. People Don’t Need to Be “SOLD” Estate Planning

Since the Pandemic Millennials, Gen Xers & Boomers have seen the need for one.

With all the chaos & uncertainty that COVID19 presented for the world, Americans of all ages realized their parents weren’t the only ones needing a will.

As a financial advisor looking to help more clients; you can tap into Wills + Trusts to offer more value.

Estate Planning doesn’t have to be difficult to integrate – there are companies out there that provide a comprehensive platform & network to tap into.

All a financial advisor needs are either; existing clients or new leads wanting the service.

Which is another reason we like working estate planning leads.


Image by succo

3. Estate Planning Workshops Are a Useful Tool

When done correctly, Estate Planning workshops/webinars/seminars attract an interested audience.

This is beneficial for the attendee & the Financial Advisor alike.


      • The Event is informative & allows attendee to meet Advisor with out ‘pressure’.

      • People don’t have to be convinced that a Will or Estate Plan is important.

      • Advisors can help new + existing clients with their Estate Planning.

      • There is a natural urgency built into an Estate Plan.

    We follow up with people after they’ve attended an event and often hear similar sentiments – ‘I know I need this. My so and so passed away and their kids are still fighting over the house.’

    Nobody wants to have this in their lives.

    Estate plans are useful for the leads & Financial Advisor.

    4. Estate Planning Leads Provide Correct Contact Info

    Having helped Financial advisors follow up and schedule appointments with Leads from all over the U.S. & working thousands of leads, we know this one is a biggie.

    Depending on how a financial lead came in – online, tv, phone, etc.; some give fake information or bad contact details.


    For many reasons.

    Some people are defensive.

    Others don’t want to be sold.

    And even more, simply want free information. 🤷

    Yet when it comes to the Estate Planning Leads we’ve worked – this is not the case.

    It is seldom there is a bad email address or phone number provided.

    This could be because the marketer has done a good job of scrubbing the lead & verifying data.

    Or this could be because the prospective attendee is genuinely interested and wants to do something.

    Regardless, it is just another reason we like working Estate Planning leads.


    There is no ‘perfect’ Financial Lead or one-size-fits all financial product out there.

    However, Estate Planning can certainly be advantageous when integrated into financial planning (correctly).

    We’ve seen our clients host Seminars + Webinars for years (even during COVID) and still convert well.

    Our Advisors have only gotten better results converting leads into prospects and clients with time & consistent follow up.

    The above list is merely the top 4 reasons we like working Estate Planning Leads.

    If you want help effectively following up on your leads, fill out the form below!

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    Having followed up on Wills, Trusts & Estate plan leads since 2018, here are the top 4 reasons we like working Estate Planning leads.

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