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How to Succeed with Snappy Kraken

Like most successful Small Businesses – at EVOLVD we’re constantly evaluating our processes & systems.

As such, we are always looking for ways to give ourselves & our clients the edge!

To help you keep the New Year on the right foot – we are sharing how to effectively use Email Marketing in your Financial Service Business.

This will enable you to maintain a presence with your existing Clients and also stay top-of-mind with leads you’ve invested in.

And since we work specifically with Financial Advisors, we are sharing an Email Marketing tool that is specifically for Financial Advisors.

One we have firsthand experience with through our existing & prospective clients 👉 Snappy Kraken.

The following is a simple guide to show you how to succeed with Snappy Kraken.

Update & Segment your Email Lists

If you host regular workshops, generate or buy new leads, make sure you’re updating & managing your email lists.

To update – add all and any new emails you acquire from events, referrals, inbound leads, etc.

With Snappy Kraken you can do this all in one place – your dashboard.

You can make sure to keep your list growing & keep your email data clean.

Secondly, email lists should ideally be segmented.

This means separating existing clients from leads/prospects.

With Snappy Kraken there is plenty of financial content to choose from.

So stop sending the same boring ‘newsletter’ to everyone.

You can pick what you want to send, who you want to send it to & schedule when to send it.

By segmenting your email lists, you send content that is valuable to your clients (for retention, referral or even new revenue).

Where as you can send leads & prospects, material to stay relevant & remind them of why they reached out to you initially or attended your Financial event.

We’ve seen financial leads that ‘ghosted’ advisors previously – come back to become clients through well executed Snappy Kraken campaigns.

So make sure you use the content & lists well!

Choose Content that is Topical or Relevant

Life is quickly changing for your financial prospects & clients.

Since Snappy Kraken is managed by professionals in the financial industry, the content gets uploaded regularly will be relevant to current events or financial topics that matter to your prospects.

So choose content that matters to them!

Through Snappy Kraken’s campaigns you can send seasonal emails like Tax-Savings, Medicare, & Holiday related emails or more targeted messages about Annuities, Estate Planning, IRAs, etc.

There are endless ways to position yourself as the expert & knowledgeable on current events.

By sending these timely emails, you to offer them the opportunity to take action (respond to your message or book an appointment) when they are ready.

Just because they attended a Federal Employee Retirement webinar today, does not mean they are ready to get started today.

The other day I was talking to one of my clients Financial prospects, she said:

I have been thinking about creating a will forever. But never did anything about it. Until my mother passed away last month & my stepfather 7 months ago, I knew I couldn’t put this off anymore.

You never know what will spur your prospect to become a client or when the timing will be right.

Email marketing allows you to gently stay in front of your leads, prospects & clients without being intrusive.

Use Your Snappy Kraken Subscription

This one seems obvious & perhaps silly.

Yet we have spoken with enough financial advisors that signed up for Snappy Kraken at a conference & knew logically it was a good idea.

Then went months of paying for their subscription – to never use it.

Whether it’s a little or a lot you are paying for something, it is worthless if you are not using it.

From our perspective & firsthand experience, you do not have to be the most ‘techy’ advisor to use Snappy Kraken.

You don’t have to worry about ‘pixels’, using ‘APIs’ or figuring out ‘sequences’.

You can effectively use Snappy Kraken in your Financial Services Business, by simply using it. 😉

The dashboard is straightforward and user-friendly.

To recap this simple guide on using Snappy Kraken successfully:

  1. Update & manage your email lists regularly.
  2. Pick relevant material for your prospects or clients.
  3. You don’t have to be techy, you just have to use it! (And learn what you learn along the way)

What I am confident in, is if you use it will be glad you did.

And you may even acquire new clients along the way or strengthen relationships with existing clients by providing valuable information.

You already spend thousands on financial leads & acquiring new clients – why not maximize that marketing investment with tools that help you follow up on your leads (short term & long term).

If you don’t want to do all the heavy lifting of configuring or managing your Snappy Kraken account, maybe we can help.

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