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Do your Prospects View You as the Financial Expert?

If you’re actively growing your Financial Svc. business, then you know there are countless ways to generate leads.

You can pay for ads on Facebook, PPC on Google, host financial Webinars/Workshop, buy pre-set appts (and so on).

But if you are not leveraging those marketing tools and showing YOU are the expert, then your leads won’t know it either.

Your prospects & future clients are constantly being bombarded with advertising.

Your financial competitors are sending them mailers, showing up on their social media streams, etc.

When you market to those same people, you must get better at setting yourself apart.

Tell them and show them your are the Financial Expert.

I. Convey your Financial Expertise

Be good at what you do and let your future clients know!

Speak on what you do better than other Financial Advisor (and don’t try to be ALL things to all people).

Is your super power Estate Planning?

Do you help high earners reduce Taxes?

Are you a Federal Employee Benefits specialist?

Share your strengths in a way prospects can see why working with you will be transformative.

  • Ease their worries
  • Grow their Portfolio
  • Protect their Wealth
  • Secure their Retirement

Know your products, your specialty + who they are best suited for.

Then convey to your prospects + future clients why you’re the best Financial advisor for them.

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

II. Know Who ‘Buys’ From You

In conjunction to product knowledge + your niche – you must be an expert on your ideal client.

In other words, KNOW who is choosing you as their Financial Advisor.

Have you ever taken stock of your clients…

Who are they?
What’s their average age?
Common concerns?

Casting your net too wide or throwing things against the wall are not effective strategies for any business.

Aside from this being a gross waste of resources or ineffective, it leaves you UNABLE to measure what is actually working.

So do yourself a favor and make sure you know who buys from you.

This coupled with demonstrating your advisor strengths, helps position you as their Financial expert.

Image by ar130405 from Pixabay

III. Where does your Buyer/client spend time?

After you know who is choosing you as their Financial Advisor, identify where they spend time.

Are they online?
Use Facebook or other Social Media?
Watch Youtube videos?

73% of those under 40 say that they rely on a Google search to find an advisor, while 52% say they use LinkedIn.

According to CNBC

That is a fantastic statistic and insight..

Especially if the younger Millennial or Gen Z generation is your client/buyer.

If your buyer is older, they may not be using these same channels.

So speak with your existing Financial clients.

Ask them how they found you or what online tools they use.

Learn their habits or how they access information to make purchasing decisions.

Do they prefer going to networking events, educational seminars, or virtual webinars?

Your existing clients are a wonderful resource.

In short, there are endless ways to grow your financial business.

As a solo advisor or small business owner, you must constantly be using every advantage you have to be effective + efficient.

You must find ways to separate yourself from your competition.

Strengthen your client relationships + grow your practice.

By positioning yourself as the Financial Expert + knowing your ideal client, you can achieve this.

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There are countless ways to generate Financial leads. You can pay for ads on Facebook, PPC on Google, host financial Webinars/Workshop, buy pre-set appts (and so on). But are you leveraging your marketing to convey you're the Expert?


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