Are You Contacting Clients too Often or Not Enough?

Most advisors and salespeople are constantly chasing the next deal.

They often rather spend $2000-$5000 (or more) a month, than to
put together an effective outreach campaign for existing clients.

Statistically it costs you more money to close NEW leads.

It requires more time to establish a relationship.
More effort to build trust.
More work for them to buy from you.

Where as selling to your existing clients, costs less and converts more.

This is not rocket science or news.

Most advisors KNOW this & understand they “should” be speaking to
their clients regularly (especially now).

So why don’t more Insurance and Financial advisors consistently
work their existing book of business?

Because it’s boring?
Because they are too busy?

OR because they are uncomfortable calling clients they haven’t spoken to for a while?

Regardless of your reason for not sending monthly emails, birthday cards or having Annual Reviews – your clients want to hear from you.

#1 Reason Clients Fire Their Financial Advisor

According to a recent survey by Y-Charts

A failure to communicate is the number one reason that existing clients fire their financial advisor. Surveys and research on this topic in both good times and bad are universal in pointing to this communication issue as the number one driver of dissatisfaction.”

During high times and low times, your clients want to hear from you.

Naturally in stressful times, they want to know you are there.
They want to leverage your expertise.
They want to know they’re not alone.

In other times, they simply enjoy receiving birthday greetings from you.
Knowing you are on top of their accounts, policies, improving their rates and options.

Additionally, your clients will buy from you again and again.

If you’ve done a good job of managing their portfolio or of saving them money, they will become ambassadors for you & your business.

They will send referrals your way and stay loyal clients for years to come.


Times are changing – are You?

There is more uncertainty in the markets, than most have experienced.

Face-to-face may be a thing of the past, or something that financial sales professionals cannot depend on…

But that is good for you.

Your existing clients will benefit in hearing from you and don’t need to meet you in-person to buy.

If you neglect that, then business development in these volatile times may be harder for you and your business.

If you adapt, embrace the change and learn new skills, you will come out stronger and so will your business!

Providing the best service possible to your clients and creating cost-effective ways to deliver value, will not only set you apart from your competition, it will also strengthen your relationships & profit margins.

So if you are not speaking with your clients at least once a year or contacting them with some regularity, another advisor might.

And lastly, not all of them need to speak with you every month. 
Some are fine with emails. Others like your birthday cards. 

Know your clients, how they like to be communicated to and which ones require more contact.

Need ideas or want help?

Feel free to contact us or visit our content vault! 👇

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