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Stop Doing What You Don’t Enjoy In Your Financial Svc Business

Recently in talking to a new client, I asked him why he had reached out.

His response was “after making 15 calls to schedule appointments, I realized I don’t like making those calls“.

Said he literally ‘felt the energy leaving’ his body. 😥

This may or may not be you.

You may love calling leads & prospects.

If so, great!

Keep doing it.

If not – stop.

The point of this post & this advisor’s wisdom – is for you to stop doing what you don’t enjoy doing in your financial service business.

Know how you like to do business & focus on that!

Calling to Schedule Appointments After Events

I never discourage a financial advisor to follow up after one of their events.
IF they want to do it.

We have clients that enjoy doing this as it helps them to keep ‘building the relationship’.

Conversely, we also have clients that rather not do this part.

Because it’s not their strong suit and also because they don’t want to hear nos.

Hearing ‘no’ or ‘not interested’ can be discouraging for some advisors.

This will then affect their client acquisition or appointments with interested prospects or clients.

When you spend half your day chasing or trying to convert people that are not ready to buy today – you will burn out quickly.

This same energy & mental capital could be spent elsewhere. 🤷‍♀️

Posting & Networking on Social Media

Again – this is not about attempting to tell you social media is not useful in reaching your financial prospect.

Trying to come up with posts on Linkedin or Twitter, is not where YOU need to be racking your brain.

For most financial advisors – using social media is more about online presence & demonstrating their financial expertise.

You however, do not need to be the one coming up with original content or actually doing the mechanics of managing your social media.

There are social media managers (SMM) that will be more than happy to help you. Some even specialize in Financial marketing.

You can approve their content or even help them create messaging.

Following Up On NoShows or Cancellations


When a Financial prospect has scheduled to meet with you, but does not show up to the meeting – can be a pain.

Not only did you block out the time & prepare for the appointment, you now have to call or reschedule.

Just because they flaked or couldn’t make it – doesn’t automatically mean they’re not interested, something came up.

So while not the ideal scenario, chasing them to reschedule is not always be the best use of your time.

Instead, have your assistant or a proven-process to help you with this!

Creating & Executing Marketing Campaigns

You have invested in events & campaigns to generate leads, or have even purchased pre-set appointments.

Just because they do not move forward today, does not mean they are not good candidates or worthy of follow up.

Some people will never buy.

Some want more information.

Others need more time.

Regardless – email marketing is a highly effective way of achieving a longterm relationship.

Yet, creating the content or managing email lists & campaigns is not necessarily where financial advisors should be using their mental capital either.

There are platforms specifically designed to help financial advisors automate email marketing (e.g Snappy Kraken).

Anything else can take ‘Energy From You’ – and energy is one of your most precious resources.

It should be used where you get the highest return!

While all of the above are important or necessary when growing your Financial service Business, you must continue to prioritize & allocate accordingly.

OR outsource as necessary.

These days a software, person or niche service can take this unwanted ‘thing’ off your plate (and probably handle it better).

So stop doing what you don’t enjoy in your financial service business!

If you would like help with following up – reach out.

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