5 Tips to Instantly Build More Value for Your Time


5 Tips to Instantly Build More Value for Your Time

There is no ‘surefire’ way to guarantee leads or prospects will choose you as their financial advisor.

But there are definitely ways to properly position yourself to improve your odds & results.

The following list are ways we see our client advisors consistently build more value for their time.

Waste less mental capital. And ultimately work smarter when processing new leads.

If you’d like to position yourself better, increase new appointment show ratio & earn more clients – read on! 👇

1. Have someone else remind/reschedule Appointments

No different than a doctor is not the one actually calling to remind their patients, or the attorney calling to reschedule a client cancellation.

You as a solo financial advisor must be creating value for your time & schedule.

Having someone else provide reminders or calls to your prospects, is an effective way of letting them know you are a professional too.

Your time is valuable and the appointments you provide prospects are also useful.

As financial advisors, find ways to position your advice, knowledge & time.

It is just as essential as a legal or medical professional’s.

  • You protect their money.
  • You help them properly plan their retirement.
  • You can find ways to legally reduce their tax burden.
  • And even prevent families from probate with suitable estate planning.

Value your time and your leads will too!

                                                           Listen to Interview Clip

2. Don’t chase Leads that don’t answer or return your calls

This is one I regularly talk about.

Leads are people.

It is human nature – when we feel a ‘sale’ coming, we run the other way.

Even if we DO want to buy. 🤷‍♀️

Your financial leads, are no different…

They have requested information. Attended an event.
‘Raised their hand’ so to speak.

However, they don’t want to a high-pressure sales presentation.
So they are cautious & ready to avoid all contact (especially with so many spammers nowadays).

There are strategic ways to reach them & stay top of mind. Use them!

Above all do not chase people not taking your calls or responding to your efforts (let your assistant help with this).

3. Know Your SuperPower (Niche)

This tip is more about marketing and you focusing on your niche (what you’re good at).

When you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to no one.

Uber is a Ride Sharing App.

Google is a search engine.

Linkedin is a professional networking site.

What do you do?

I have financial advisors that specialize in Annuities. Some work exclusively with Federal Employees. Others focus on Estate Planning. And so on…

If you are unclear on who you help, what you specialize in or why a financial prospect should choose you – they will find an advisor that is clear.

As consumers, we want to know you can relieve our pain, answer our questions, solve our problem or make our lives better.

We go to the dentist when we need a cleaning or have a toothache.

We seek financial advice from a knowledgeable professional.

Know how to express this to your prospects.

Figure out your ‘superpower’, who you want as clients & then market to them.

4. Be the Financial Expert

Being the financial expert means not sending your leads or prospects somebody else’s material (e.g. white paper, video, book).

Either create your own content, hire a professional to do it for you (using YOUR branding), or outsource it.

But always properly & legally brand it with your logo, name and company information.

This strengthens your position and lets your prospects know you have value & knowledge they need.

It also is a great way to have leads/prospects/clients re-share your material with other people (& gain referrals).

When you share your financial expertise, you subtly tell potential clients you know your stuff.

While subtle, this is an instant way to build value for your time!

5. Assume they Want to Talk with You

When you call, Zoom or otherwise; BE confident & project professionalism.

If you are calling new leads, following up after webinars/seminars or on other warm prospects, assume they want to hear from you.

Show them you are confident in yourself, your service & your offering.

There is an old sales adage, nobody will buy your product or service if they don’t buy you first.

In other words; if you’re unprepared, insecure, or coming across as NOT competent…

People will look for someone else. Period.

I’ve had financial leads tell me “the advisor asked me questions to answers I’d already provided him. This made me think he was not listening or didn’t care. And consequently led me to believe he could not help me adequately“.

Part of assuming they want to speak with you – is to be prepared and professional.

Let them know you can solve their problem and help them achieve their goals!

In short, even if you are the best advisor for your lead, do not expect them to figure it out on their own.

You have a responsibility and a role to play in making that happen.

Get creative in letting our prospects know you can help, so they value your time & choose you.

Client acquisition is part art & part science. 😉

If you need assistance, get it.

Otherwise, incorporate these tips & see your positioning improve!

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