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When to Follow Up on Financial Leads (and not to)

I’ve been a top producing (#1) salesperson for more than 13yrs, for multiple global industry leaders.

One thing I know for sure is; not everybody loves following up. 🤷

The financial advisors we help are either too busy to follow up or just simply don’t enjoy it.

Regardless of which one you are, leads need follow up.

No matter how good your marketing is or how much you are liked during a Financial event.

People are people.

Life happens.

So when financial leads don’t show up to a meeting or they cancel; they *may* still need follow up.

The following article is about when to follow up on leads, not prospects (there is definitely a difference).

I. Financial Lead cancelled

If your financial lead has communicated to you they need to cancel, they are still open to meeting.

When someone says STOP, unsubscribes or asks not to be contacted again; leave them alone.

Otherwise, they are simply needing more time.

When leads cancel an appointment they scheduled & communicate, they are not over.

Make sure you don’t dismiss them or let them fall through the cracks.

You don’t always need to be the one to follow up.

Have systems, staff or something to make sure your financial lead gets effectively followed up with

II. LEad scheduled meeting but didn’t attend (NOSHOWS)

Even when people schedule an appointment, they don’t show.

This can happen for a number of reasons.

Sometimes it’s as simple as the Financial Advisor didn’t confirm & remind them.

Other times, something came up – work, kids, dogs, etc…

A few schedule under pressure.

Often though, leads are not prepared to meet.

‘Gosh I forgot to get the documents together’ or ‘I don’t feel ready with all the questions I should have for the financial meeting’ ~Financial Leads will tell us

So they don’t attend.

If you are going to be the financial advisor that earns the new client; know how to make it easy for them to reschedule.

*However*, if they are constantly not showing up or responding to your messages – you may need to stop rescheduling them or following up altogether.

III. attended event, but didn’t schedule meeting

It happens.

You paid a marketer or you coordinated an event for your Financial clients & prospects.

But they don’t schedule a meeting.

They wanted free financial information.

That’s okay.

You, as the financial advisor/expert should NOT be calling them.

Yes – offer them something.

You can offer a Review/Tax report/Free book/Illustration, etc.

But DON’T chase them.

You should have your assistant follow up, or a longterm follow up process to help them choose you when they are ready!

In our role, we have seen our clients get better results when they don’t chase.

In summary, as a solo financial advisor or small business owner investing in leads – you should follow up (on some leads).

You can either have your own processes to do that or outsource.

Either way, there are naturally some financial leads wanting to reschedule and others that simply want information.

You must have systems & processes to help you sift & sort between the two.

Above all – you should be talking with the people that want help (not chasing the ones that don’t). 😉

If you want help getting better results following up on your financial leads, let us know!

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