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Is Your Financial Services Business Growing Or Dying?
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Is Your Financial Services Business Growing or Dying?

It’s great if you are currently excelling in Estate Planning…

Or that your Financial Services business is booming with new Annuity clients.

But remember COVID-19?

The landscape of your business can change at the drop of a hat (or a black swan).

So don’t get complacent or too comfortable. Change is good.

Yet – when you are not ready for it, it can be very bad.

One of my sales beliefs is having plenty of tools in your tool belt and knowing when to use them!

Therefore, if you’re not innovating; your Financial Services business can start dying. 😔

How can you, the advisor change or impact that?

Read on!

I. Know The financial Tools out There

In order to remain competitive, you must stay on top of your clients and prospects needs.

This means constantly educating on the financial products out there & training yourself on HOW to offer them.

Speak their language and know their pain points.

Be aware of how a new or different service may benefit them and their position.

IF NOT, they will go elsewhere.

For your existing clients – schedule Annual Reviews (to retain, get referrals & increase revenue).

Something may have changed in their lives since the last time you all spoke or they may not know you can support them in a different financial area.

Maybe they initially came to you for College Planning, but are now looking into Wealth preservation or Tax savings strategies.

The point is, don’t rely on one product/service.

Your clients can find help somewhere else, and will leave your business vulnerable.

II. Understand The Marketplace

What ads or marketing are your financial clients & prospects seeing?

Stay on top of the marketplace.

This keeps your finger on the pulse and empowers you on the current & up-to-date trends.

If you are going to grow your Financial Business, you need to know the conversations your clients & prospects are in.

This invariably allows you to be effective & perceived as the expert too.

Plus helps you to determine what type of financial marketing you want to invest in & which one is not for you.

When you understand the Marketplace and stay in touch with your clients – you also understand what is important to your current + future buyer!

Win. Win.

III. Be Diversified

Lastly don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Be diversified.

Use various ways to acquire/grow your financial client base.

If your goal is to keep your ‘fire burning’, you have to keep adding kindling or wood.

Your client acquisition strategy should be the same.

Otherwise, your Financial Services business can surely start dying.

As such – you can invest in pre-set appointments, host workshops & webinars , or even pay for ads to generate new financial leads.

You don’t necessarily need to do all of the above. Find what combination works best for you.

The key is to make sure you don’t rely only on one!

In short, if you are NOT looking to grow your financial services business – then the above is not relevant.

However, if you’re wanting to keep your business from dying, or your financial clients from going elsewhere be intentional.

  • Know the financial products & services out there.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of marketplace & your clients’ needs.
  • Be Diversified in your marketing approaches and how you acquire new clients.

Want help following up on financial leads to maximize your business development?
Reach out to us!

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