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Must-Have Tech Tools For Your Financial Prospects & Clients

We think a lot about technology here at Evolvd.

In our business today we’re using at least 18 different software applications (Apps).

There are Apps we use to interact with our Advisor’s leads, prospects and clients.

Ones we use to communicate with our client Advisors.

Finally – Apps we use to interact with each other. 🙂

And we’re constantly buying and testing new Apps that might make us more effective + efficient, and thus more profitable.

The truth is – the world is being overrun with software right now.

New Apps are launched every day – and it’s impossible for any one person to stay on top of them all.

Therefore, in an effort to help you narrow down the types of apps you could use in your Financial advisory business – here are some must-have tech tools for your prospects & clients.

Give Your Prospects and Clients Options

First – you want to give your clients and prospects multiple options for getting in touch with you.

I’m old enough to remember when our communication options were: the phone, snail mail or in-person.

But thanks to today’s technology – there are a lot more ways to connect now.

And not everybody has the same preferred method of communication.

You probably don’t need a live chat bot on your website – but at minimum your clients should be able to easily get in touch with you (or your assistant) in the following ways.


Some (maybe many) of your clients still prefer to talk on the phone – and it’s still the most crucial part of your communication system.

While phone may be the staple here – it can also be one of the least efficient communication methods for everyone.

We’re all familiar with playing “phone tag”.

These days there are apps for consumers, to block unwanted calls or phone numbers NOT saved as a contact in your cell phone.

Make sure you are bypassing these (or at least mindful of them when doing outreach).

Text – SMS Messages

Phone calls also take time – and can be disruptive to other things your prospects may be doing (like working, eating, spending time w/family, etc.).

Text messaging is a must have option for people these days.

They may not be able to step out of that meeting to take your call – but they can reply to your text message!

Keep in mind: as financial advisors & business people – you have to be creative AND compliant. 😉


Some of us (me included) still spend a tremendous amount of time in our email each day.

And it continues being a very common & useful medium for business communication.

Email gives you the space to say more than you can in a text message – and provide Calls-to-Action for your client to take.

Calendar Booking App

Lastly – you want to give your clients an easy way to book meetings with you.

Many Online Booking Apps like Calendly and ScheduleOnce provide a way for you to sync your online calendar. Updating your availability in real time – as you book appointments or block out time on your main calendar.

Plus – your clients, prospects and leads can schedule on their terms.

You can then provide a link to this online booking calendar in your emails, text messages, etc..

Interestingly – most of your clients and prospects may not end up booking a meeting this way (at least that’s been our experience).

We find people are people.

They have good intentions, intend to book or schedule. But then get sidetracked with life and require a ‘human’ touch.

However some of them will…

Soo as I mentioned at the top – we want to give our clients/prospects the easiest options for them to communicate in their preferred communication method.

It is not about you – it’s about them.

You simply have to facilitate.

Invest Your Resources Where Your Prospects Are

This one might seem obvious – but it’s really easy to get distracted with the shiny new object.

And we definitely see this most in the social media platforms.

Do your prospects use Instagram or TikTok?

Probably not.

Which means – if your prospects don’t use those Social Media platforms then you don’t need to either (at least from a professional perspective).

Do your prospects know what a QR Code is and how to use one?

If not – then any marketing campaign using QR Codes is likely to be ineffective with your target market (and a waste of money).

I don’t say any of this to knock Instagram, TikTok or QR Codes.

Those are all highly successful tools for the right target market.

But as small business owners with limited time and resources – we have to make investments in Apps that are likely to have a high rate of return.

They might not be the new Apps with all the buzz – but most of your prospects are probably using Email and Facebook.

And if that’s what they ARE using – then the bulk of your investment should go there too.

Use Niche Specific Apps When Possible

Do you have a list of prospect or client emails?

Are you using an email marketing service to send emails to that list?

Again – the list of options for an App like this is nearly endless. Mailchimp, Aweber and ActiveCampaign are some of the bigger names in this space.

And most CRMs today have some ability to send emails through your email address.

How do you choose which one of those methods to use to send your emails?

We recently saw one of our Advisors have a fantastic experience with an email service specifically for Financial Advisors.

Snappy Kraken provides a platform where you can easily upload your email list (and even segment it if you want).

And they also provide a ton of great (and fresh) targeted content that is resonating with our Advisor’s list.

All the Advisor does is log in every month and choose which piece of content they want to send to their list.

By choosing an email service specifically built for financial advisors – our Advisor is able to do more with less.

For the record we have no financial interest in any of the apps or softwares mentioned above.

It is about how the right Apps or service for your Niche – can make all the difference in your results.

Summary & Takeaways

The world is awash in Software Apps – and this trend doesn’t seem like it’s going to end any time soon.

As solo advisors and small business owners – it’s crucial we make investments in technology that are likely to have a high rate of return in our business.

To do this – Keep these 3 in Mind:

  • Provide your clients/prospects multiple options to communicate with you.
  • Invest your resources in the Platforms your clients/prospects use.
  • Use Niche Specific Apps to get more bang for your buck.

I hope this article makes choosing your next App a bit easier!

Need assistance or want to know how we help our Advisors?

Reach out.

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