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3 Scary-Good Reasons You Need an Assistant In Your Financial Service Business

After working thousands of financial leads and helping advisors from all over the US follow up, we know there are plenty of benefits advisors get from our service.

One of them is that we serve as an assistant.

We take work off their plate; so they can focus on their specialty.

For other advisors, we do work they don’t want or have time to do.

And even more of our clients, are simply too busy to do what we offer.

The following list was inspired from over 10,000 hours of speaking with financial leads, prospects & clients.


1. They Validate your Business

We’ve been doing this a long time – we know the value we bring to the table. 

Not all assistants strengthen your brand, so choose wisely. 😉

The ones that do – can bring the following to your business. 

In our experience, we’ve found leads trust us more than they trust even other financial advisors!

Recently when calling a lead to schedule an appointment (after they registered to attend a workshop from our advisor)…

They said “I didn’t attend, had to cancel due to work. But I scheduled an in home visit with one of the reps from your company.”

Aside from this appointment not being done with our client advisor, it was not with ‘same company’ the financial lead believed was part of the original marketing he signed up for…

Why is this relevant?

Your leads, prospects & clients do business with people they trust. The second they sense something incongruent or ‘off’, they distrust.

While not suggesting misconduct here, this lead was more willing to interact with me because I was validating the advisor he originally signed up to see (versus the one who called him ‘out of the blue’).

Again, if you’re a one-person operation, dealing with high net-worth people; having a quality assistant can help validate your business.

2. Real Person MakeS Appointment Real

They attended your Financial Event.

Some attendees even schedule a meeting.

The reality is, people are people.

We have good intentions. We mean well.

Until life happens or they forget.

And a ‘Calendly’ link is not as persistent or as effective.

After time, your meeting becomes less and less important (or relevant).

When following up, we often hear from leads & prospects, ‘thank you for not giving up on me, thanks for calling’ or ‘reaching out again’.

Because we tactfully & tastefully follow up – they appreciate it.

And above all, they schedule! 🙌

3. Technology cannot overcome Objections

While your assistant shouldn’t sell for you, there are simple and honest ways they can overcome objections.

They can do this for you in ways even you can not!

As opposed to those impersonal emails or ineffective Linkedin messages; when a real person interacts with your financial leads, they can uncover or overcome concerns technology can not.

Instead of relying only on calendar invites to book your meetings – have your assistant follow up after events.

This strengthens your position, validates your business and also gives the lead/prospect an opportunity to expose their real objection if one exists.

When a real person follows up, your leads provide real information & insight.

This gives you the solo advisor and business owner a way to properly slot the lead/prospect.


In summary, technology is amazing.

We use plenty of apps & different softwares in our business.

However, we don’t rely on them to close new clients.

In fact, we love phone calls.


Because they work!

People prefer talking to real people (not r🤖bots).

    • Your financial leads want to know they can trust you.
    • Your prospects want to know they can depend on you.
    • Your clients want to know there’s a real person available.

    A skilled & qualified assistant can help you achieve that!

    If you need help effectively following up, fill out the form below.

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