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When to Automate, AI or Outsource in your Financial Svc Business

These days if you haven’t heard buzz words like Automation, Outsourcing or AI/”ChatGPT” you are purposely avoiding them or maybe living under a rock.

Regardless of which one it is; there’s definitely something to be gained from using technology.

When used properly, you can get better results with the same effort (or less).

We love technology – but not everyone does.

So we still make live phone calls (because they get results). 🙂

While we are big fans of personal communication, we don’t recommend ignoring how your financial clients or you can benefit from today’s technology.

You simply need to know where tech belongs.

As a solo financial advisor – recognize when to Automate, use AI or Outsource.

I. When to Automate In Your Financial Svc Business

We understand there are many ways to automate in your financial svc business…

You could even be implementing it already.

So good on you!

If not, here are places to automate:

  • You are duplicating/repeating an activity regularly.
  • Sending the same email over and over.
  • Online scheduler can email link to your lead/prospect


There are shortcuts you can create in your Financial business that is a form of automation.

Don’t get mislead to think that Automation has to be fancy.

If you regularly do a task or create the same email for prospects/clients, you can automate.

For more details on this topic – check out this post!

You as a financial advisor don’t have to have it all figured out, you simply have to know there are alternatives & USE them!


II. When to AI in your Financial Svc Business

AI means ‘Artificial intelligence’.

By definition- AI leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.

While you may have experience with a version of AI (in very basic terms – Amazon or Youtube recommendations)…

AI is certainly evolving & growing rapidly; even in the Financial services business.

When it comes to ChatGPT – it requires an ability to speak to it.

In other words, ChatGPT requires an understanding of how to use it.

Try it – you’ll know what we mean.

The advisors we work with are too busy with events, appointments or clients & rather outsource or automate (because learning CHATGPT is too time consuming).

But if you want to use ChatGPT – here are ways other financial advisors are using it.



III. When to Outsource In your Financial Svc Business

We have Financial advisor clients that realize they don’t want to spend 2 hours calling leads to get ONE appointment.

So what do you do?

Some people still want & need to be called. Period.

Another reason to outsource is because you appreciate your prospects or clients want to interact with a HUMAN.

But be careful here.

Don’t be tempted to outsource to just anyone.

Outsourcing overseas or to non-native english speakers can be detrimental.

If your market or prospects are high net-worth, they want the ‘Four Seasons’ experience.

We regularly interact with these prospects & clients.

It’s safe to say, they have a particular standard & want certain communication.

Non-native english speakers can be cost-effective. But they can also COST you business.

Make sure you or your assistant can handle the demands of your financial prospects & clients!

And that the people helping you manage your clients – properly reflect you & your business.



There are endless ways to use technology in your Financial SVC business.

Some are not always effective with your specific prospects & clients.

Know when and how to use technology & your collective resources.

And don’t discount how tech may be able to serve you & your business…

Just don’t be convinced you MUST use all of it.

From our 13+ years in sales & 7 years helping financial advisors follow-up; people still like interacting with humans.

Want to Outsource your Follow-Up?

Reach out & see how we can help!

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