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Quit Trying to Make Every Financial Lead a Client
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Quit Trying to Make Every Financial Lead a Client

We often say leads are people. Which means many things:

Such as; your financial leads have lives & are busy.

Not everyone that filled out a form wants to buy today (or even meet with you). 🤷

Converting leads into prospects or financial clients is part art & part science.

In other words, there are endless reasons why they don’t convert.

So quit trying to make every lead a Financial client.

Instead know who buys from you, and the reasons leads don’t convert.

The following are common reasons Financial advisors do not convert.

I. Your Financial Leads are not a Fit

Not everyone that came through your marketing funnel is qualified or a ‘fit’.

In other words, they don’t need your services.

Some simply wanted information.

Others are not ready now, but may be in the future.

Or even already bought (somewhere else).

Realize there is a difference & have the right processes to make the distinction.

Not trying to convert every lead into a financial client will save you a lot of mental capital, time & energy.

Plus, this allows you to focus on better prospects that are fits or ready to move forward!

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II. You are Not a Fit for All Financial Leads

For whatever reason, you don’t resonate with the financial leads you generated.

Some times this is because of your lead source or because you are casting your ‘net’ too wide.

Regardless, you will not be a fit for all your financial leads either.

When you know who you serve best, you also know who is not a fit for you & vice versa.

This happens at EVOLVD.

Financial advisors reach out to us often – wanting to work with us.

However we are very selective & know our ideal clients (the advisors WE serve best).

So we have to turn them away.

Don’t be afraid to do the same (it’s good for them too).

Not all financial leads are fits for you & vice versa.

III. Your Follow-Up Doesn’t Capture Financial Leads

As a small business owner or solo financial advisor you may be overwhelmed.

You cannot keep up with the demand or everything involved in effective follow-up.

Therefore, your processes don’t capture your leads when they are ready.

This is Why it is essential to know the stages of your follow up.

    • Short (Hot) – they schedule to meet with you.

    • Mid-Term (Warm) – they attended an event but didn’t schedule, expressed interest, etc.

    • Long-Term – you met with them but they weren’t ready, they requested information but did not book meeting, etc.

As the old sales axiom goes: some will, some won’t. So what? (…there is someone else waiting)

Make sure your processes capture the ones ready, when they are ready!


There are endless reasons financial leads are not a fit.

You will never know who is and who is not a potential client.

Which is why having effective systems & processes will help you sift & sort.

Save yourself resources, mental capital & time.

And know you have effectively followed up & provided them proper opportunity to become clients.

But do yourself a favor & quit trying to make every financial lead a client!

Need help following up?

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