Fortune’s In the Follow-Up: Fact or Fiction?

In Sales + Marketing we often hear “The Fortune’s in the Follow Up“.

Meaning we need to keep pounding the phones.

Emailing the prospect for an answer.

Making sure they got our 13 previous messages.

But is the Fortune really in the follow up?

Or are you wasting time harassing people that won’t buy.

This is obviously going to depend on several factors.

According to RedBase Interactive

“Leads that are nurtured purchase 47% more than non-nurtured leads.”

That is pretty significant.

This means, it’s not only about smiling and dialing. Or smothering your prospect.

It’s about knowing what do with your leads.

Nurturing them and prioritizing your work. So you can get results.

Questions to Ask When Planning Your Follow Up

  • How did this lead come in?
  • Is this someone who was bored or surfing Facebook?
  • Requested a FREE book, Report filled with “secrets”.
  • OR is this person interested in your product/service. Has a problem and the wherewithal to buy?

There is a big difference between between someone wanting free information and someone wanting you to help them solve their problem.

Most often when we are buying leads, salespeople don’t have a process or system.

Something to categorize them correctly. To manage them accordingly.

As salespeople and solopreneurs, we need to know how to invest our resources.

When I was working inbound sales leads and doing cold outbound, I would always categorize my leads. I was a one-woman sales team. This was crucial.

I wanted to be talking with buyers today.

To help them.

To do my job well.

To ensure my check was going to reflect it.

And to know where to invest my time wisely.

Easy ways to Effectively Categorize Your Leads

  1. Hot – ready to buy today.
  2. Warm – have interest. Good Prospect. Can buy. Not ready just yet.
  3. Cold – Curious. Timeframe is 6 months or more.
  4. Other – Not able to afford purchase (but may down the road or have friends to refer)
  5. No Interest – Don’t waste your time or theirs (aka CLOSE FILE)

While these have worked for me, the idea is to find something that works for you.

Use your resources, time and energy well.

                                                          Image by Pixabay

If you’re chasing people that aren’t candidates or aren’t interested, you’re wasting time which could be spent helping others.

Work smarter, not harder isn’t just a catchy phrase.

It’s sound advice and can enable you to grow your business + increase your sales today.

The Fortune is found in Following Up with the right prospects.

How do you efficiently manage your leads?