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Why Chasing Leads Doesn’t Work

Your Doctor does not remind you –
Your Doctor doesn’t confirm appointment either.

If they did, what would you think…
They don’t have a lot of patients.
They must not be a good physician (or something along these lines).


The MD should be busy with Patients, that’s what they get paid to do.
They are specialized professionals (just like you).

A Doctor’s time is money.
People understand that.

And subconsciously we know if we miss our doctor’s appointment, it may take a few weeks or even months before you can get in again!

3 Ways a Financial Advisor Can Strengthen Their Position

  1. Have someone else Confirm, Remind & Reschedule your appointments (like the doctor ☝️).
  2. Help leads Feel Confident in working with you (online presence, market yourself as the expert, etc.).
  3. Stop Chasing NoShows and People not taking your calls (or outsource) .

Recently in talking with a financial advisor – he shared how he had been buying inbound leads (people requesting to receive a free book).

Part of his initial intake process is to call and qualify them, before mailing out the book (which is smart).

However, he also said he had called some of them over 20 times and had not made contact.

While there is something to be said about persistence & follow up…

Calling someone who is not picking up the phone, not calling you back or even remotely showing interest is a gross waste of your resources AND reeks of desperation.

Watch Short Video for full reference

As small business owners, and solo advisors you must get better at managing your time.

Chasing leads is not the best use of your time. No matter what any marketer tells you.

Assuming you have bought good contact info (and a real lead), you are also only pushing your potential buyer in the opposite direction.

Your lead and prospect sees the number you’re calling from.

When you call in the morning, after hours or whenever you have time, and repeatedly don’t leave a message – we know. Most of us have caller id. 🤔

If you see the same number calling, or an ‘unknown’ one and they don’t leave a message to identify themselves, what do you suspect? 

Yup – Robo Caller or Spammer. No bueno for business.

Reasons Why Leads Don’t Answer Your Call

  • They simply wanted FREE Information (and aren’t ready)
  • Are not qualified (don’t have assets)
  • Do not like experience (something turned lead off)
  • People do not want to be ‘sold’ (you feel salesy to them)
  • Problem they had was solved or is no longer an issue
  • Some will Some Won’t – next!

Even as a salesperson and business owner myself, when somebody calls me 11 times (even if I requested a free book, report, email, etc.) you will lose me.

There is an art & science to following up or reaching out to people.

If you have bought it’s simply about hammering the phone, or sending the perfect templated email, your results will speak for themselves.

Don’t take the human element out of the sales process.

People buy from people they like & trust.
People buy from people that treat them with respect.

And high net-worth clients buy from confident & knowledgeable professionals.
Not desperate salespeople looking for their next commission.

If you want help following up effectively with your leads or want to position yourself better, let us know!

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