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To Social Media or Not to Social Media?

As a Financial Advisor there are many ways to market yourself & strengthen your brand.

When crafting your brand online & offline – you must know why you do what you do (and then execute consistently).

Is it to position yourself as an expert?
Connect better with your buyer?
To have an online presence?

Often I hear from advisors that don’t really know who their buyer/target client is.

And consequently don’t know how to reach them.

Social Media can be a very cost-effective & impactful way to do this.

If you’re a financial or insurance advisor that hasn’t considered this critical piece of your business success, keep reading!

1. Know your audience

Is your client a Millennial?
Gen X or Boomer?

These classifications are not about stereotyping. It’s about understanding their behavior & how they buy better.

Knowing this enables you to demonstrate your expertise & communicating effectively to your audience.

The Boomer buyer may want more in-person meetings than the Millennial prospect.

The Generation X client may be fine with email, phone or in-person.

Regardless of who your target audience is – you must understand them and find the best way to reach them.

All of them will want to know you are competent.

How YOU convey that is what separates you from the average professional.

Social Media helps you connect with your Audience.

You just have to know who buys from you & where they ‘hang out‘ online.

2. What Social Media Sites are Your Prospects & Clients Using?

If your prospects & the people that buy from you are on Facebook; you should be too.

If your ideal client, uses Instagram – how are you incorporating that into your marketing?

The general rule of thumb is you want to diversify (and not put all your time or social efforts into only one platform).

For example: with a Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook account, you have a well-rounded online presence.

The idea is not just about having a stale profile on these sites either.

It’s about using social media (that your audience uses); to provide value to your prospective financial leads/clients.

Plus, when you regularly post on huge platforms like these – you make it easier for prospects to find you (when they ‘Google’ you and want to learn more about you). 🧐

3. Use Social Media Platforms Skillfully

This may sound really simple and silly, but it is not.

How you use Instagram is not how you use Twitter.

In other words, your audience will consume the content and your ‘posts’ differently on the varying sites.

For example images are typically better suited for Instagram.

Where as longer text posts are going to work better on Linkedin.

And for shorter, more frequent messages – Twitter is great!

You don’t have to be a social media expert or a Financial advisor spending hours on Social Media everyday.

You simply have to have a plan or understanding of why you’re investing resources in it.

In Summary your Financial prospects will use different ways to validate or vet you.

Social Media is one way to help them find you & learn more about you.

It’s also a great way to display your expertise (providing useful content on matters important to your audience).

If your buyer is not on TikTok, then don’t bother investing there.

Lastly, you don’t have to be on EVERY SINGLE social media site either.
Ideally only the ones your buyer is on.

By knowing who buys from you & who you want to work with – you can decide where to invest your social media resources!

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