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What 'I Want to Think about It' Really Means


What ‘I Want to Think about It’ Really Means

If you’ve done a good job of qualifying your Financial prospect, identifying their needs and truly listened to how you can help them, they really shouldn’t have to “think about it“.

It’s just another way of politely saying:

  • they are not sold
  • they don’t trust you
  • you still haven’t uncovered my buying motive
  • or worse I don’t like you

What do You do when they want to Think about it?


The average or under-producing sales person, will say “sure, when should I follow up?”.

They want to believe the Financial prospect is being straightforward.

Hoping it will convert into a sale or new business.

But more than anything, they don’t want to press forward.

They want an easy out and rather avoid rejection, than collect a decision.


The Elite Sales Pro and top producer, is going to double-click and ask the tough questions.

They want to get the info they need to earn the business.

Sometimes that means putting your prospect on the spot.

One of your main roles In Business Development, is to help your buyer get out of their own way.

It’s common as buyers, for us to be reluctant. 

We don’t want that salesperson to sell to us.

So we throw out knee-jerk responses, “Oh I’m just browsing”.

But the reality is – if you walked on the car lot, you most likely did so because you’re looking to buy a car.

If you’re trying-on coats, you are in the market for one.

Sure we all window shop ocassionally. 

But once you’ve decided to go for a test drive, you’re wanting to make a purchase.

How do you get around the ever popular: “I want to think about it” objection?

First you make sure you’re speaking with the Decision Maker.

Secondly, you get real with them.

If you’ve:

  1. Spent quality time getting to know and understand your buyers needs
  2. Identified they have a problem your product/service can solve
  3. Built enough rapport; you ask meaningful questions.

Here are a few examples of what those questions should look like:

“I know you’re serious about growing your business. And want to take your revenue the next level. So be honest with me – what do you need to think about?”


“I can appreciate you wanting to think about this and make sure you’re not making an impulse buy. Would you mind telling me how I can best support you to make this purchase for yourself?”

The idea is you should’ve earned the ability to ask these types of questions by now.

If you have not, then there is more work to be done…

Your prospect will either respect you enough because of the time and effort you’ve invested in them, that they’ll answer honestly.

Or because they were not expecting you to ask so boldly, will answer with the truth. 🙂

Regardless of what the real answer is, an objection is a positive sign and an indicator your prospect simply has some unresolved issues.

In other words, they are still interested.

They just need you to dig a little deeper and get to the real reason they are not ready to pull the trigger today.

To earn more & help more, you must be willing to do more.

If you don’t, some other advisor will. 

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