The Truth about Nurturing Leads & Clients

With So Much Going on in the World today….

More distractions (means less attention for you or your product)
More competition (new advisors, more aggressive selling)
More technology (computer, phones, social media)

The truth is: days of low hanging fruit are few & far between.

What can Financial Advisors do to button up appointments?
Stay relevant?
Or strengthen your position over Joe advisor?

People NEED a reason for why they should speak with you.
They need to know why you deserve their time.

Set yourself apart from the competition.
Do what others won’t.
Be memorable.

Ways to Be Remembered between Appointments:

  1. Send relevant content before and after appointment
  2. Be Consistent
  3. Provide Value (understand their needs & solve their problem)
  4. Show Interest (in them, their lives & helping them)
  5. Exude confidence (not arrogance)

Just because you had good introductory meeting with a lead. And both of you agreed there was a fit for your service/product and schedule another appointment, do not assume there is no more work to be done.

Your prospects have a lot going on in their lives.

Aside from being a financial expert, you are also an ethical sales-professional.

You must zero in on potential concerns or objections your prospect has.
You have to be able to keep them in the ‘sale’ between appointments.

The above list is a condensed one.
There are many ways top advisors stand out.

High-earning advisors win the business and convert their leads into clients, by going the extra mile.

Something or someone is competing for the same mental real estate.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Separate Yourself From Other Advisors

This is why sending TY emails/texts or even handwritten cards or remaining in some contact before next appointment works.

Even if your prospect has met 3 other Financial experts that week, when you’ve done a quality job of providing value and keeping your lead ‘warm’, they remember you.

They will have a stronger relationship with you.

And the better you get at this part, the more you will see when it’s time to buy; they choose you.

A FREE Report/Book/useful links can seem insignificant or time-consuming to send.
The truth is these ‘little things’ keep your prospect in the sales cycle.

And when YOU are the only advisor doing it, you stand out.
You earn the business (or referral).

If you don’t nurture your leads or work on retaining clients, someone else will.

Be the financial advisor that stands out.

Know your products.
Be a professional.

And above all – NURTURE your leads and clients.

This separates you from the noise.
This shows you are the right choice!

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