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NoShows & Improving Appointment Attendance

In general, people are busy.

They have jobs, kids, spouses, bills and overall life taking priority (and occupying mental space).

With COVID-19 and current events, people are more pre-occupied and distracted than ever.

As a financial or insurance advisor purchasing leads and growing your client base; your business is a priority.

Your appointments are important.

How important are those same appointments to Prospects or Clients?

For some of your prospective clients, your services are a necessity now and they show to appointments.

For others, the meeting they’ve scheduled with you is not nearly as important.

Why Your Appointments Don’t Show

Your leads have come through various funnels. 

Some were on Facebook, scrolling around, passing time. Saw an ad that caught their attention.

If the ad was not as compelling, or really solving a burning desire for them, they will not remember what form they signed up for.

And the value of the appointment to them is much less than it is for you.

Which now causes the advisor to either chase person to reschedule, or waste time on someone that was only Marketing Qualified, not Sales qualified.

In other words, they might be interested or curious.

But they are not ready to buy, or even ‘qualified’ to purchase.


Another Scenario Why Your Leads Are not Showing

There are thousands of Financial Marketing companies out there.
Ready and able to sell you Leads.

This is great.
We all need leads.

The downside is these same marketing companies ‘sell’ advisors on the leads being the best ever. They simply need to be called 15 times. 🤔

Tried at different hours of the day.
Using different phone numbers.

As a human and consumer, these tactics can turn us off quickly.

Which will result in Noshows and them no longer answering your calls or emails.

If you as the business owner or salesperson don’t properly determine where to slot your leads or how to organize your prospects, you will invest time & resources on the wrong people.

They will be annoyed and you eventually frustrated.

This is not beneficial for you, your business or the person you are hounding.

ImprovE attendance to Scheduled Appointments

  1. Provide reminders. Balanced and not too many. Know when and how to send them. Or outsource this to your assistant.
    Just make sure they are getting done.

  2. If they don’t attend, or miss their appointment – let them know you will have your assistant contact them to reschedule. You, the advisor is no longer in the ‘chasing’ role or a weakened position.

  3. Make sure you create enough value or interest for the appointment. Provide them something they want for attending. Do they prefer a “Retirement Review” or a “Financial Analysis”? Know which is more important to your prospect.

Minimizing the importance of the meeting (in an attempt to not be salesy), can backfire.

It makes it easier for people to miss Zoom call, try to reschedule or cancel altogether.

So remind them of the significance; what they will be getting in return and ultimately how it will impact their lives.

There are surely many ways to improve your Show Rate and attendance to appointments. These are simply a few we’ve seen consistently benefit our clients.

Try them.

Find what works for you & feel free to share with someone you think could use the ideas.

To your success and helping more people!


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