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FindingBalancebetweenAI&Your Advisor Skills
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Finding Balance between AI & Your Advisor Skills

Every day we hear more about AI and how it is the greatest thing ever…

If you are not using it, you’re missing out.

While we agree it can be super helpful when used correctly, it’s not the end all be all.

When used properly; technology can save you time, money & make you better in lots of key business areas.

Conversely, it can complicate (or worse hurt) the progress you’re making with financial clients.

We’ve seen advisors over contact prospects (and lose them) because a marketer suggested software which could ‘set and forget’ the lead nurturing.

If you’re relying on technology to replace; you, the follow-up or salesmanship – then expect to be replaced by an advisor still using their human skills.

The key is not in outsourcing your role or letting marketers tell you what is best.

It is about finding balance between AI & your human Financial advisor skills.

Here are some suggestions…


Before anyone chooses you as their financial advisor, they have to trust you.

They have to believe you are doing what is right for their interests & their investments.

Building trust with financial leads is a delicate and very human process.

This is essential in the early stages of establishing a relationship and retaining a client.

You cannot automate or expect something to do it for you.

Yes you can use technology to send reminders, schedule tasks, etc. But AI will not supersede you being trustworthy (or likable).

In fact, when used incorrectly (and annoyingly) you will lose people & prospects.

Make sure you are still using your human skills to create long lasting client relationships & build trust throughout.


According to a Survey by Ycharts, communication ranks at the top of what is important to financial clients.

How do you communicate?
Often or infrequently?

If you are a transactional advisor or prefer using canned templates & workflows to communicate with your leads & prospects – it will show.

Your prospects & clients are people. Most still want to interact with a real person. Not with a robot or strictly software.

The advisors we work with are masterful at creating & keeping relationships with clients.

Fo you to do the same, you have to balance using AI to communicate effectively & efficiently

Don’t try to substitute your humanness with technology.

Even if that’s what SaaS companies or financial marketers are ‘telling‘ (a.k.a selling) you to do.


As a financial advisor your competency & expertise is another reason clients choose you.

They want to know they can trust you AND that you know what you’re doing with their money/portfolio.

Keep finding ways to incorporate technology in your business – to make you more profitable.

But do not think for one second- AI should usurp your advisor skills.

What are your strengths?
How do you best serve your clients?

Know this & use it!

Let AI enable you to take tasks off your plate or give you back time for doing income producing tasks.

Let what makes you successful expand with technology, automations & AI.

Harness your strengths, while leveraging the tech.

Doing this enables you to not only balance using AI + your Advisor skills, it also helps you earn more.

In short, we at EVOLVD use a lot of software & technology in our business. Yet the core of what we do – is still very human.

This is one of the many reasons our advisors & their clients enjoy the experience & succeed with us.

Use tech & AI to help you achieve more and strengthen relationships with financial prospects & clients.

Remember; you are the reason people choose to do business with you.

If you are trying to replace that with AI, you are going to lose to the advisor that knows how to use tech & their human sills.

Want help keeping it real?

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