Are You Talking to The Decision Maker?


Are You Talking to The Decision Maker?

Being told

“Great presentation, let me run it by my boss”…

Taught me one thing: talk with the decision maker first.


A successful sales professional or business person, will tell you keeping your pipeline full and gaining new clients is critical to the livelihood of any business.

100% true…

However, you are spinning your wheels if you are presenting to the wrong person!

One of the craziest, most frustrating things you can do is spend all your effort, creative juices and mental capital on the wrong person.

What happens when you’re not speaking to the decision maker?

You can deliver the best presentation, the best crafted email or marketing message, but if you are not delivering it to the decision maker, you are WASTING your time.

Don’t get me wrong.

Sometimes you’ve clearly asked the right questions and still get the gatekeeper.

Surgeons are in surgery. The practice manager is not.

CEO is in meetings. The executive assistant is not.

It happens.

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You get the person that says ‘oh I’m the one to speak with about that’ and then when it comes down to it, they still need to talk with ‘their boss, manager, owner, spouse, partner, etc.’.

So what do you do?

You ask for the decision maker first.

Otherwise, you are wasting everybody’s time and your resources.

Very often a weak sales person, will be happy to speak with ANYBODY that will listen to them.

But you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You are in sales to close and write new business!

To help more people.

So work smarter, not harder.

When working new leads or speaking with prospects (and as a small business owner), efficiency is key.

Optimize your pitches and presentations.

Ways to get to the decision maker –

  • Are you the one that would be able to pull out the credit card today?
  • Let’s get your wife on the phone too, I know mine would want to be in on this.
  • What would your partner think, when are you both available?

Any version of that works – 😉

But if they say anything other than yes, you have to conserve your energy, your mental capital and your verbal power for the one that can say yes.

What happens most often is we will feel defeated when we’ve given a great pitch to the wrong person.

The dreaded ‘okay, thanks! let me talk to our Director of Operations. Do you have anything you can email or send over?’

Grrrr. Nobody to blame, but yourself.

Dig deeper.

Be polite and respectful.

But get to the person that can decide today.

Ask better qualifying questions and don’t waste your time or theirs!

You can’t write business, help new clients or grow your business successfully otherwise.