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Are Federal Employee Workshop Leads Right for You?

Working thousands of financial leads from all over, we know there is no one-size-fits all lead.

Remember – leads are people.

Therefore, Financial Advisors must do their due diligence to find the best leads for their business.

Like everything there are pros and cons.

This brief list is what we’ve consistently observed from our experience working Federal Employee Workshop Leads (and why we like them).

Federal Agencies are required to offer Retirement Seminars to their employees.

In fact, “The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) requires that all agencies have a “retirement and financial education literacy strategy” and a plan to implement that strategy.” – source

This means individuals attending the Federal Employee Benefits workshops are encouraged to attend and most importantly, are offered by their employer.

Here is what we’ve learned from working Federal Employee workshop & webinar leads for more than 3 years (with multiple advisors throughout the country).

1. It’s A professional, Low sales-pressure Environment (Attendees like).

As mentioned above these workshops while not directly provided by the employer, are offered through their work place.

For this reason it subconsciously increases the need for seminar information and inherently breeds trust (which means a greater willingness to meet with the associated financial advisor).

The other benefit and probably one of the most important, this helps remove objections…

  • Who is this person/advisor (you)?
  • Why should I listen to them?
  • Is this a ‘reputable’ professional?

Because you are affiliated with their employer and a part of the workshop, this removes obstacles and gives 3rd party credibility (so make sure you pick a solid FMO that has experience & knows what they are doing).

As opposed to the advisor buying Facebook leads or using other lead sources that position someone else as the expert (or sends out content with someone else as the subject matter expert).

Thus, you give yourself a better chance of converting leads into clients and maximizing your resources.

2. Financial advisor connects with Multiple people at one time.

Much more efficient and better ROI on your time.

The potential prospect gets to meet the advisor in person.
The relationship building starts immediately and more naturally.

Rather than you:
-bombarding them with marketing emails
-trying to convince them you’re worth their time
-chasing them to pick up the phone…

A group of targeted people attend an information & high-value event without pressure of being ‘sold’ anything.

Given that, they are more open to your ‘offer’ or meeting.



Image by Nikolay Georgiev from Pixabay

In addition, ‘social’ proof ‘ is built in.

Seeing others request a meeting or even just seeing their peers in attendance, helps subconsciously validate their need for meeting or discussing their Benefits with advisor.

Being exposed to MULTIPLE interested individuals in one fell-swoop is the epitome of working smarter not harder.

As solo financial advisors and small business owners, your time is money.

Getting better at how you manage time & resources will separate you from the average earners & move you into the top asset managers.

3. real leads, contact info & Responsive people that raised their hands.

Unlike a lot of leads out there, these are real people with a genuine interest.
Emails, phone numbers and information you pay for is 80-100% accurate.

Equally important – these people are even providing a best time to call.

Not just scrolling Facebook out of boredom, or calling in for a free something ( & giving false contact info or a bad email).

I can’t stress enough the importance of this.

Not to mention these Federal Employee Benefits’ workshops are 3-6 hours long.

Which means individuals are more invested.

They spent time covering information they know they need.

These are the types of leads Financial Advisors have to zero in on.

With the proper follow-up processes in place, we’ve consistently seen our advisors turn these leads into prospects & clients!

In summary, you want to meet with people:

  • interested in your service
  • need/want your offering
  • have come through effective marketing funnels

Federal Employee Workshops can do just that.

While Federal Employee leads may not be for everyone, stacking the odds in your favor makes a huge difference.

May the above information be useful in helping you decide what is right for you or your business.

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